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Basic information needed when making an enquiry for a magician.

Enquiry information

All to often an enquiry arrives at the inbox. The message is brief and basically goes something like this:

"Hi, could you give me a quote on how much would you charge for my wedding? Thanks"

It's a bit like contacting a painter and asking how much will he charge to paint your house? He needs to know if you are referring to the outside or inside or both. Also how big is the house? Also, what type of paint? What finish? gloss, matt, emulsion? What colours? Will booker be supplying the paint themselves?

Ok... You get the idea.

In a nutshell, the more information you give at the start, the easier and quicker it is to give a quote.

Key information the magician needs to know in order to give you a quick and efficient quote:

Date. If the wedding is in 4 years time, the odds are that my fee will be a bit more than it is the current year.

Location and or venue. A job that is an hour or so down the road is going to be different to one that is for example potentially on a different continent.

Approx number of guests. Entertaining a typical wedding with 80+ guests is approached differently to an small intimate wedding that has just 16 guests.

If you ask a vague question then it's only logical you will get s vague answer.

To recap. The basic information required to get a quote:



Approx time?

Approx No. of guests?

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