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"Close-up magic" as the name states is magic that is performed right up close and right under your nose. This form of entertainment is highly entertaining, engaging and extremely interactive.


Everyone watching is a part of the show and the magic often happens in the viewers own hands. Dorian's magic is an experience you will not forget any time soon.

Four examples how Dorian can be used at an event:

1 - Mix & mingle
This is ideal for any event where guests are typically standing rather than seated at tables, such as drinks receptions and cocktail parties. The close-up magician (AKA close hand magician, sleight of hand magician) literally mingles among the guests entertaining small groups at a time. When performing the act in this kind of manner the magician is sometimes called a roving magician or a mix and mingle magician.

Mix and mingle magician, more info >>

Dorian - Mix and mingle magician

2 - Entertain at the tables

Dorian can visit each table during dinner and entertain the guests as they are seated (AKA table magic, table magicians). The close-up magic can be performed in between courses at the table and is the perfect entertainment for a corporate or private dinner party event.

Table magician, more info >>

Dorian - Table Magician

3 - Stand-up magic show

(AKA After dinner show, One man show, parlour magic show or platform magic show).
Dorian has developed a show that is perfect for small to medium sized audiences. Whether it be a single table of dinners or a small group, for example at an office or house party. For more details on this type of show please visit the One man magic show page.

Stand-up magic show, more info >>

Dorian - Stand-up Magician

4 - Room X

Room X is an AWESOME way to offer something unique when hosting party that has possibly (but not necessarily) a smaller number of guests. A private room or area is allocated as “Room X”. Throughout the event small groups of guests are invited to enter Room X where it's secret is revealed...

Room X, more info >>

Room X - Magician Secret Room
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Close-up Magic

All a top quality magician like Dorian needs is an audience. No special lighting or sound equipment is required as the act is self contained. Dorian's magic is performed up close and personal. With a warm personality and great sense of humour, his act is designed to simply astounding.

It does not matter what size the event is. It can be an intimate after dinner show for a small party of 10 guests, or a large scale awards dinner with 300+ attendees.

Find out why this accomplished and engaging sleight of hand magician is in continuous demand for corporate and private functions, parties, weddings and special events.  Dorian Magician best seen live.

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