Room X

The room with a secret

Room X.jpg

Room X is a great way to offer something unique when hosting party.


A private room (or area) is allocated as “Room X”.


Throughout the event small groups of guests are invited to enter Room X and discover it's secret.


The client can either picks groups of people throughout the event, or even give a ticket/slip of paper with their allocated time to enter.


The guests are not told what they will find in The Room. This builds excitement, anticipation and curiosity, the three things that really help create a buzz and a talking point.

If your party has a smaller number of guests that does not constitute having a magician mix and mingle, this concept works exceptionally well. Even with a larger guest number it also works brilliantly.

Inside Room X...

At their allocated time, a small group of guests (Typically between 6-10 depending on the size of the guest list) enter Room X and discover a magician waiting for them inside.


The guests then then receive an intimate close up magic show (typically 15-20 minutes) just for them.


The show would be an more extended set that the magician would normally perform during close-up walk-around magic.


The wonderful bonus is that due to the controlled conditions and lack of interruptions, the act can contain magic effects that would not normally be ideal to perform in a strolling situation.


The magic is performed in a perfect setting, free from interruptions, noise and distraction. This lends itself to a more intense and exciting experience for the spectators.

The first rule of Room X is: We don't talk about the Room X.


After the show the guests are asked to keep the secret of Room X and not tell anyone about what they found inside the room. It’s great fun and creates a buzz and surprise for the rest of the guests.