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Table Magician

Mix and Mingle Magician

This kind of show is perfect for entertaining guests that are seated. It lends itself perfectly to events such as dinners, banquettes, balls and award ceremonies.

This form of close-up magic is often referred to as "table hopping". The close-up magician entertains each tabled group with a small magic show and moves around the room entertaining each one with an act that is designed to thrill and amaze the seated guests. The magic act does not interfere with the food or the food service and can be performed in between courses.

As a full time professional magical entertainer DORIAN can entertain you and your invited guests during your dinner event. He can perform outstanding world class close-up magic while the guests are seated and help make your event something a bit special and memorable.

DORIAN can perform outstanding close-up magic throughout dinner at your next event. He will perform magic that will thrill, amaze and astound your guests.


The types of event that he can entertain at are varied. The event could be a dinner party, wedding breakfast, birthday, ball or banquet.


For more magic options on how table magician Dorian can entertain at your party, function or event please the Magic Options page.

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Dorian - Stand-up Magician

Other names a "table magician" might be known as:

The magic performer might also be called a table top magician, table conjurer, roaming or roving entertainer, table side conjuror, wandering magician, table hopping magician (table hopper) close quarter hand magician or table side entertainer.

Please also see Mix and Mingle Page.

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