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When one magician is not enough...

Team Magic at The Grosvenor Hotel London

...there is a TEAM!

Some events are just to big for a single magician (or close-up entertainer) to cover all the bases.


Dorian works regularly with and can recommend other top class magicians and strolling entertainers.

All members of TeamMagic are of the very highest standard and can perform original magic in a highly entertaining manner.


Between them they have well over 100 years of experience to fall back on.


There are only a few magicians in the UK that excel in the field of close-up magic entertainment.

TeamMagic and The Four P's :


Outstanding performance in entertaining as a close-up magician.


Absolutely dependable, ahead of time and reliable.


Their act's are out of this world but they are down to earth (ego free).

Pride in work:

They love their job and it shows in the quality and professionalism of their work.

Team Magic with HRH Prince Charles

By Royal Appointment... Dorian with TeamMagic members Phil Jay and Chris Dugdale meeting HRH Prince Charles after an evening function at Old Billingsgate, London.  

Rio - Sugerloaf Mountain
Magic on Sugerloaf Mountain in Rio
Dorian holding Wolrd Cup

Quality Guaranteed

Like all top brands around the world Dorian and all the members of TeamMagic offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their product. TeamMagic can only do this because they know that their service is of the highest standard.

Magician 100% Quality
Close-up Magic in Brazil
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