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Nothing Beats Experience

I recently bumped into a gentleman while shopping for shirts at a well established shopping chain. We both had a double take at each other, then it twigged. I had entertained at his wedding ten years ago!!! (see image 2009 below).

This got me thinking:

A) About how long I have been doing my thing with magic (17 years as a full-time job).

B) Happy about my memory operating at a fairly good range. C) That I still do a job that I love and enjoy.

As the saying goes "Nothing beats EXPERIENCE"... Unless of course your playing scrabble, then adding a "D" gives you EXPERIENCED.

Either way an experienced magician (or magician with experience) who has been entertaining a extensively over long period of time is a safe bet when looking for a magician to hire for an event.

Below is a year-by-year snap-shot counting back from 2018 to 2002 when I first took the plunge to become a full-time genuine professional magician.

For an magical experience with someone with experience get in touch

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